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A great company brand will play a huge role in the success of your business. Your Brand Identity is built on the total experience that your business offers; the visual aspects of your business as well as the actual physical experience that you provide to your customers.

At Puro Design we ensure that your Brand Identity (how you want the consumer to perceive your business), leaves an untainted memory on your clients, bridging that gap between your ideal ‘brand identity’ and the actual ‘brand image’ of your business.

As Brand Managers, Puro Design aims to ensure that your brand is clear and visually consistent through out all of your brand identity elements. As part of our Brand Management service, we are committed to understanding:

  • Your product and service in offering
  • The key drivers of your business
  • Your current Brand Image (the perception of your product/brand by the consumer)
  • Your business plan, goals and objectives
  • Your greatest point of difference

A great logo design is the foundation of all successful brand identities and obtaining the services of a good Logo Designer to create a unique logo design for your business is a wise investment for the future of your organisation.

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Does your business have an image problem?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is your stationery, marketing and website design consistent?
  2. Can your customers easily recognise your business from your logo, signage, uniform, business cards, advertising and website?

If the answer is NO then you do have an image problem.

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