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SEO In 2016 – What To Expect

Like all marketing strategies, a bit of forward thinking helps get an edge over your competition, and it’s not to early to start thinking about 2016!

You need to get your business website SEO ready now to reap the benefits at the next big Google algorithm update.

Mobile is the future

From what we can tell based on every update over the last 2 years, Google is paying more attention to mobile-ready websites. This is due to the increasing number of searchers made from mobile devices.

Your website should be ‘responsive’ – meaning it will respond to all screen sizes by automatically re-sizing website elements accordingly. It should also present well for mobile viewers, this means removing excessive spaces or large menus, etc.

Make Use of Googles Services

You should be dominating Googles organic search results, Google Places/Maps, and have an active and growing Google+ page for your business.

Google will not admit that it favours businesses that utlise all of their services, but it just makes sense to build exposure by putting your name out there in as many parts of Google as possible.

As SEO moves into 2016, more and more emphasis will be put on Googles services as they increase their monopoly over the search world. You will want to be a part of it!

Get on Board With Google Knowledge-Base

Right now, if you perform a search for a movie or a famous politician. The box on the right you see with a run-down of basic information related to your query is the Knowledge Graph. It exists to answer user queries with commonly sought information, to spare users the trouble of hunting through traditional ranks and SERP entries.

Right now, this information is housed in a box off to the side, but over the next two years, you can expect this presence to grow. The Knowledge Graph will collect more information on a more diverse range of subjects, appearing for far more types of user queries, and its prominence will likely grow to overtake the top entries.

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