Google Consumer Barometer - Online Purchases

Purchasing Online Statistics April 2015

Looking at the current statistics on the Consumer Barometer, it’s evident that consumers researching and purchasing products online is (not surprisingly) on the increase, especially in Korea.

Google Consumer Barometer - Online Purchases

Google Consumer Barometer - Online Research


Consumers researching products online through a mobile device has also greatly increased particularly in Asia.

Google Consumer Barometer - Smartphone Research Google Consumer Barometer - Online Research For TV purchase Offline

Consumers are also watching more online videos to learn more about the product before making their decision.

Google Consumer Barometer - Online Video Research


All graphs shown are from the Google Consumer Barometer


So ask yourself the following if you want to increase your sales:

“Can your business be found online?”

“Is your website user friendly and up-to-date?”

“Is your website easy to us on a mobile device?”

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