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Corporate Brand Redesign


The Voltex Group recently added a new sector to the company named Voltex Systems & Integration, which required its own brand within the Voltex brand!

This required changes to be made to the existing Voltex Power Engineers branding (logo, business cards, print and electronic letterhead, invoice and purchase orders, company documents, building signage, eNewsletter and website) as well as creating a new brand for the VSI sector (logo design, business cards, stationery, capability statements and a website).

The brief specified that the two sectors must have defined identities while still being represented as part of the Voltex group.

What did Voltex Group think?

The Voltex Group comprises four companies, Voltex Power Engineers Pty Ltd, Voltex Systems & Integration Pty Ltd, Power & Plant Training Pty Ltd and Stucke Elektronik Australia Pty Ltd. Kelly Jackson from Puro Design, has for a number of years provided all of our graphics and branding needs, including company report MS Word templates letterheads, business cards, newsletters, email signatures, capability statements and personnel profiles. Puro Design has also updated and transformed our company websites, including adaptation to suit mobile phone applications. The Voltex Group specialise in HV Power System Management, from Design to End-of-Life. We manage electrical risk and improve plant reliability through design, protection, commissioning, auditing, training, maintenance and asset management. Voltex Group have worked with a number of major clients on a number of the world's largest Projects. Our expertise is highly sought after by some of the world's leading companies, in Mining, Oil and Gas, Water and Waste, Desalination Plants, Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Materials Handling, Infrastructure, Tunnels and Ports. Our reputation and brand recognition is a critical component of our success, and Puro design's professional services and "Visual Identity Guidelines" document ensure that this brief is consistently met and uncompromised. Our website now appears on Page One of Google in the majority of our key service offers. We would thoroughly commend the services of Puro Design to any company requiring a brand specialist who listens to your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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