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Crash Bank Wallop

Paul Moore is a former senior manager at the UK bank Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS), who came into public attention as a whistleblower in the banking crisis of late 2008 as a result of having been dismissed from his position as head of the bank’s financial risk management in 2004 after warning his employers that they were taking excessive risks.

Paul Moore now wants to tell the shocking inside story in his new book ‘Crash Bank Wallop’ which launches in November 2015.

He approached Puro Design to provide a typesetting service for the inside pages of both his hardback and paperback book and prepare it for print, as well as converting the print document into a eBook.

Paul also asked Puro Design to assist with the marketing collateral for his book launch, in which we supplied an ECommerce Website, Posters, Pop-up Banners, Pavement Signage, Printed Tablecloth and branded red whistles!!

What did Paul Moore think?

Kelly, may I be the first to congratulate you on a gigantic performance in bringing Crash Bank Wallop to print readiness. Your cheerful, obliging and diligent approach has made what could have been a traumatic experience a slick and relatively stress-free process. I’m sure Paul and Brian and others involved in this book launch will echo my sentiments when I honestly say it’s been a pleasure to work with you. I personally am looking forward to liaising with you again not just on the hardback version but on other projects in the near future. Many many thanks on a marvelous job.

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