SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO In 2016 – What To Expect

Like all marketing strategies, a bit of forward thinking helps get an edge over your competition, and it's not to early to start thinking about 2016! You need to get your business website SEO ready now to reap the benefits at the next big Google algorithm update.

Mobile is the future

From what we can tell based on every update over the last 2 years, Google is paying more attention to mobile-ready websites. This is due to the increasing number of searchers made from mobile devices. Your ... >>  Read more

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Empower your web presence with the right keywords

Have you ever considered your business, products and services from your customers' point of view? The most valuable customers are those hunting down a solution to a problem, so think about the problems that your products and services will help them solve.

Puro's Tip...

By adding plenty of keywords describing the benefits of your products and services, on top of broader terms that describe your industry or service area, to your website content, blog, social ... >>  Read more