About Puro Design

Puro Design is a team of creative graphic designers, website developers, SEO specialists & brand management guru’s that offer brand & marketing solutions to business across the UK, Australia & worldwide.

How did we get started?

Puro Design was established in November 2006 in Queensland Australia by Kelly Jackson, an award winning Graphic and Web Designer with a passion for making the world of print and web a more beautiful place! Kelly’s Spanish family background, led to her choosing the word ‘Puro’ meaning ‘pure’ for the business name. The definition of ‘pure’ represents everything that she wanted her graphic design service to offer.

While temporarily relocating to her home country in North Yorkshire, England between 2014-2018, Kelly helped Puro Design established a large client base in the UK. We continue to maintain and build our UK client relations through Puro Design in Australia, helping businesses worldwide to start-up and grow.

Puro Design has grown into a successful graphic and web design business that has helped many businesses to build a brand and get noticed. With a strong team of graphic designers, website developers, SEO specialists and brand management guru’s we can offer brand and marketing solutions to companies worldwide.

What do we stand for?

“Our vision at Puro Design is to empower business owners to recognise the true potential behind their business brand and to have that reflect in their reputation, their profits and their way of life.”

What is our mission?

Puro Design aim to enhance the growth of businesses around the world through innovative brand and marketing solutions that create a competitive advantage for our clients.
We will achieve this goal by mentoring business owners to integrate pure visual communication into their business brand by delivering a pure and unique brand identity that leaves an untainted memory in the eye of the beholder.