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The importance of a good logo design…

… a logo is the foundation of all brand identities. All major companies, brands, wise business men and women invest heavily on the perfect logo design for their corporate branding as a means of differentiating themselves from competitors. The visual personality of the logo and its association to certain emotions and shapes is critical when it comes to attracting the right audience.

A rightly tailored typeface and symbol put together to build a beautiful logo which reflects the essence of your brand, creates a consistent visual identity which strengthens the products and services that you offer. Having a professional logo design with an attractive and easily perceived personality, will portray your business in a positive and professional manner and instill images of stability and reliability in the minds of your consumer’s.

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But how much will a logo design cost?

Designers everywhere struggle to put a price on the face of companies. You can pick up a cheap logo for £30, but what are you getting for this? You are probably getting a maximum of 30mins design time, with no research into your business, your competitors or your target market and the logo file may not be able to be enlarged or even give a good first impression.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your logo the face of your brand?
  • Are you using your logo to market products such as clothing, gifts and cosmetics?
  • Is it important to you to have the perfect logo to represent your business?
  • Is your logo a good investment for your business?

If you answered YES to at least 3 of these questions, then you have probably already realised that you should budget accordingly to achieve the professional logo that you want.

Obtaining the services of a good Logo Designer to create a unique logo design for your business is a wise investment for the future of your organisation. A good logo designer needs to be able to design a logo to suit different styles and eras for a variety of design briefs. At Puro Design we spend time getting to know you and your business, we research your industry and target audience as well as checking out what your competition are up to before we even start the design of your logo. This process allows us to build a good design brief which in return will provide you with logo concepts that are suited to you, your business and your audience.

A design process that ends with a great logo is a long one and will look something like this:

  1. Design Brief & Discussion: The graphic designer has a meeting with the client to help build the project design brief.
  2. Research: The graphic designer begins to research the client’s company, their competitors and their industry. During this process, existing logos in the client’s industry will also be researched.
  3. Sketches & Concepts: The graphic designer begins to sketch out ideas and creates concepts for the logo. These are then shown to the client and alterations are discussed for the preferred design.
  4. Mockups: The approved concept is then developed into something more solid for reflection.
  5. Reflection: The mockups are put aside for a short period of time while the designer clears their mind. This allows for extra focus and an insight into things that weren’t apparent before.
  6. Presentation: After the reflection, the final logo is completed. Once the final payment is made the  logo files (high resolution and web ready) are supplied to the client.
  7. Breath a Sigh of Relief: Then we…I mean the designer… grabs a pint and enjoys that rewarding feeling of completing a project that you’re proud of!!

A lot of time and effort goes into creating a logo that makes the right first impression, looks great and will stand the test of time. Our logo designers can spend anywhere between 4-10+ hours (£400-£1000+) on the design process above, but we will always provide you with a set price based on the design brief before we get started.

Contact Puro Design in Easingwold, York to get a free quote today, but please remember to give us some details about who you are and what your business provides!