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Corporate Branding

A brand is not about getting a target market to choose one corporation over its competition, but about getting prospects to see the company as the only one that provides a solution to their problems.

A company should lay down brand objectives from the beginning. These are the organisation’s characteristics, and they must reflect the organisation’s philosophy, processes and image. A strong brand will build credibility and motivate your clients. For good corporate brand design, we need to be aware of two main elements: Design, as in an artistic representation and Design Strategy for Brand Identity, Quality, Community & Culture

Puro Design has provided professional design services to multi-discipline Engineering & Construction companies, the Consultancy & Training sector as well as Government Projects globally, allowing companies to visually communicate signature strengths, successful projects and enhance brand strength creating that first impression that counts.

Puro Design offer a comprehensive creative and visual communication service to Medium to Large Companies including but not limited to the following:

  • Company, Joint Venture + Project Logo Design
  • Corporate Branding
  • Corporate stationery + business cards
  • Electronic Letterhead, Quotations, Invoice + Purchase Order Templates
  • Professional Tender Proposal design + publishing
  • Company brochures + capability statements
  • Corporate CV’s + company personnel profiles
  • Annual Report design + publishing
  • Print + email newsletters templates
  • Exhibition displays + merchandise
  • Advertising + editorials
  • Building Signage
  • Site hoarding + vehicle signage
  • Company notice boards + banners
  • Company Website + APP development
  • Project Specific / Joint Venture Websites & Community Stakeholder Information Sites
  • Client & Accounting Database Software
  • Project Management Software

Puro Design are brand specialists, we listen to your brand vision and turn it into a creative brand identity to be proud of.
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Does your company have an image problem?

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  1. Is your stationery, marketing and website design consistent?
  2. Can your customers easily recognise your business from your logo, signage, uniform, business cards, advertising and website?

If the answer is NO then you do have an image problem.

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